Welcome to DialySuites!

Dr. Munjal was deeply saddened, yet inspired by one of his patient’s descriptions of dialysis. This patient used phrases like “being herded like cows” and discussed the perceived and inherent lack of privacy. Dr. Munjal knew that he wanted to change the way that his patients were treated. DialySuites was designed with the patient in mind to protect privacy, establish a new standard of care, and most importantly, encourage healing.

At DialySuites, we believe that by educating our patients, we can empower them to make more informed decisions and become a more active participant in their care. Our goal is to create better health outcomes and increase the overall wellbeing of our patients. Our patient-centered approach works to transform and enrich the lives of our patients and their care teams.

Our blog is one of the resources we’ll use to increase accessibility to reliable information for continuing education for our patients. We’ll be posting regularly with weekly and monthly rotating topics. We will be sharing a wide variety of information such as renal-friendly recipes, focused topics, educational materials, events within the kidney community, travel tips and local vacation spots, and more. Our posts will often encompass the prescribed monthly educational topics the dialysis care team will be teaching each month. 

There is life on dialysis and we are here to help you live it to the fullest.

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