In-Clinic Hemodialysis (HD)

At DialySuites, we provide in-clinic hemodialysis. This is a process by which the blood is filtered, cleaned, and returned to the body, acting as an artificial kidney. 


Dr. Munjal’s philosophy of empowering through education doesn’t stop after treatment. He feels education, growth, and learning are processes that are ongoing. 

Home Training

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Did you know that you can be dialyzed in the comfort and privacy of your own home? We provide home training for peritoneal dialysis (PD) to ensure that you are confident in caring for yourself and/or loved ones. 

Community Connections

Our Team believes that one can thrive on dialysis with the support of the community and loved ones. Check out our Facebook page for information, events, and to connect with others who are thriving on dialysis as well.  Visit our Facebook page for more information HERE.


Empowered Dialysis Care

By empowering our patients through education, we provide personalized care to accommodate individual needs. We are a team that believes in devoted care to transform and enrich the lives of our patients.


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